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Artist Statement


Since the age of 11, and my first introduction to working with clay on the wheel, I have been fascinated by the magical way a lump of clay can be transformed into a pot and inspired by the clays, softness, fluidity and ability to hold an impression.


I graduated from Camberwell School of Art where I had the privilege of learning my craft from Takashi Yasadu, Colin Pearson and Ewen Henderson, among others. Their work and teaching made a big impression on me.


I try to capture the essence of time in my work. My glazes are highly textural reminiscent of the kind of erosion and accumulation on objects found washed up on the beach. One of my favourite activities is beach combing and picking up gifts from the sea. My pots I hope have the same quality. My forms are simple, opening, bud like vessels. All are thrown on the wheel and sometimes dented or distorted while still soft, giving them a human quality. I continue to develop new colours and textures in my glazes and look for inspiration in my surroundings, on the beach and coastal landscapes. 


I regularly exhibit and am invited to talk and enjoy demonstrating at events and for art groups. I share my passion and enjoyment of working with clay through my teaching and running of Forest Row School of Ceramics. I am passionate about keeping the craft alive and am proud to continue to inspire students, many of who have gone on to open pottery studios of their own. 



I opened my first studio in May 1992 in Wandsworth London and then later in Surbiton, selling in galleries, craft fairs and exhibitions all over the country.


At the same time I taught at Wandsworth, Richmond and later Kingston, Adult Education Centres, which included; Summer Raku and Intensive Throwing Courses.


Between 2002 and 2010 my priorities changed and I had a brake from my pottery while we moved, to be near a Waldorf Steiner School in Forest Row for our son and renovated our house.     


In April 2010 I set up a studio again in Forest Row.  I remember how good it was to get my hands on clay again!  I also started teaching from there and had such a lot of interest, that in January 2016 I moved here into a beautiful building in the grounds of Emerson College surrounded by Ashdown Forest. And set up Forest Row School Of Ceramics. I have lots more space including space for an outside kiln site, fulfilling a dream! I built a covered area with sold floor to house a wood and gas fired soda kiln built with Joe Finch and a small gas kiln. I now employ 2 of my students as technicians. We run: throwing and hand building weekly classes during term times, weekend workshops with prominent potters and am introducing a 3 month full time course in September this year with the help of some the countries leading potters.   

Exhibitions and Craft Fairs 

Forest Row Festival Potters Trail     

Adam Partridge Auction            

Emerson College Open Studio’s        

The Rare Skills Gallery             

Forest Row School Of Ceramics Opening  

The Leach Pottery Gallery  

Gallery Bellis Brighton                       

SeeArt Fair                                         

Christmas Exhibition , Highgate Works    

CPA Auction exhibition                     

The Bluemoon Gallery                         

Community Art Exhibition         

Christmas Exhibition , Highgate Works      Contemporary Craft Show      

Contemporary Craft Show      

Art In Action      

Christmas exhibition, Highgate Works  

Art In Action    

Fire Works        

Christmas exhibition Highgate Works  

The New Craftsman Gallery              

The Ashdown Gallery              

Christmas exhibition, Highgate Works                       

Forest Row


Forest Row

Forest Row         

Forest Row    

St Ives  



Forest Row         


Tumbridge Wells  

Forest Row         

Forest Row         




Forest Row         


Bury St Edmunds   

Forest Row

St IvesCornwall   

Forest Row       

Forest Row

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Most notable Galleries exhibited with Between 1992 – 2005


Montpellier Gallery

Alpha House Gallery

The Gallery Upstairs


The St Ives Potters Gallery 

Cecilia Colman


CPA Gallery London

The London Institute Gallery

The Round House Gallery

The Art Connoisseur Gallery

Quay Arts Centre

Artmonsky Arts

Rufford Craft Centre

Ombersley Gallery

Pam Schombery Gallery

The Taberacle Gallery



Previous professional member of The Craft Potter’s Association

Previous member of The Sussex Guild of Craftsman 




Potters Eleventh Edition by Craft Potters Association

Potters Twelfth Edition by Craft Potters Association

The Potter’s Guide to Ceramic Surfaces by Jo Connell

Electric Kiln Ceramics by Richard Zakin

British Studio Potters Marks by Robert Fournier

The Clay Craft Magazine

Sussex Style Magazine

Flybe Magazine   

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